Manchego cheese is the result of sheep’s milk maturation process for its conservation and consumption during the harshest months in this Spanish region. Manchego cheese history is closely linked to the manchega sheep, arrived in La Mancha during the Bronze Age and. Since then, many archaeological finds have born witness to the use of vats, bowls and draining pots for its elaboration by our ancestors.

We can assume the taste of that cheese is very similar to the one we consume nowadays in our land, as we are the heirs of this know-how and thousand-year-old tradition.


“In 2006, in a village of La Mancha…”, to be precise in La Casa de Hita, a hamlet situated in La Herrera, a small village of Albacete province,  Quesos Segama S.L was created.

Everything started during a family meeting when two friends, both livestock farmers, remembered with melancholy the Manchego cheese sandwiches that their grandma used to give them when they were kids. They had not tasted this for years and did not want it to be forgotten.

They had the most important, a cattle selected all over their lifetime and fed with the incomparable pastures of La Mancha, which gives sheep’s milk an excellent quality.

Having all of that in their hands, they decided to start this project named Marquisate of Hita “Marquesado de Hita”.


Currently, Marquesado de Hita owns a farm of 400 ha, where it is grown most of the pasture used to feed the 3,000 manchega sheep that compose our cattle and produce the milk needed to provide our dairy. We can guarantee the traceability of all our products and their quality as we only use the milk production of our own sheep and we do not ask other livestock farmers to provide us with their milk as other cheesemakers might do.